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Connecting your devices for production that is faster, higher quality and cost efficient. The result for you? Prompt, reliable fulfilment – and happy, loyal customers.

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IoT puts the power in your hands

When you have the ‘know how’, the Internet of Things (iOT) makes anything possible. Our experts can integrate all manner of devices to dramatically enhance your manufacturing processes.

Cameras, measuring tools, printers and more can automatically capture and share data with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Fast photos

Connecting cameras to your system allows you to take photos and document these in your ERP for quality control inspections.

Faultless measurements

Measuring tools such as calliper allow you to accurately measure and transfer values to your ERP for quality control inspections.

Hands-free work

We can connect foot switches to your system, to ensure your production staff can work hands free – improving productivity. (Stepping on the foot switch automatically moves production to the next step in the process.)

Quick label printing

Connecting a printer to your system allows fast, accurate and automatic labelling with clear serial numbers to increase accuracy in your warehouse (including the pick and pack process).

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