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Communicate with clients & manage your sales, CRM, Accounting, Point of sale, website, manufacturing, email marketing, projects, tasks & more

All on the same platform.  Make better decisions, Faster

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End-to-end business operation transformation services

Process mapping & ERP Gap analysis

Build a solid groundwork for a successful ERP implementation.

ERP Implementation

Transforming your business with innovative ERP solutions.

Out of the box integrations

We connect your ERP systems with your platforms and this allows you to manage everything in one place.

 IoT  Save time and costs on your production line

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E-commerce Integration B2C and B2B Streamline sales orders in one place

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Shipping Integration Connect with major shipping carriers to delight customers

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Payment Integration Simple, integrated and secure

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Gmail & Outlook Integration 
Instantly records customer data in ERP system

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Bitcoin Integration 

Start Accepting Bitcoin Payments With 0% Fees & No Third-party.

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Amazon Connector Synchronize your Amazon orders and manage deliveries

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Whatsapp Integration Streamline customer communications

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Social Media Integration Manage Social Media, Notifications, and Live Chat.

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We deliver ERP solutions across industries

Retail & Wholesale




Field services


High tech & Electronics






No more painful integrations.

If you have individual software solutions that work, but don't talk to each other, you are probably entering things more than once and missing a comprehensive overview of what's going on.

Between the apps and the tens of thousands of Community apps, there is something to help address all of your business needs in a single, cost-effective and modular solution: no more work to get different technology cooperating.

Apps are perfectly integrated with each other, allowing you to fully automate your business processes and reap the savings and benefits.

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